Veve (veve) wrote in wordware,


The fake grass rug had shifted a little on the ply-boards. One corner was bare of it's coat of fake spring. She could see where the boards were creating an illusion of straight lines.

The hole had been dug by a local man with a backhoe. He did not have the expertise in grave digging that would render a hole that had angles that were square.

It was odd how there could be patches of snow that were still so white and clean surrounded by gray masses and slush.

She sat down on one of the fold-out chairs that had been placed around the grave on 3 sides. A breeze blew over her legs.

She had helped make arrangements for the reception, she wasn't sure that was what you called them but that is what it felt like. That was the way things were done where she was from. There were certain things you did before a funeral and after one.

Before, there were rosaries and following the hearse as the body was driven from funeral home to the church and then to the grave.

After, people gathered for food and talking.

She had helped with the arrangements.

Sometimes they showed graves on television. They were perfect rectangles, clean lines surrounded by grass any golf course would be proud of. She wondered what they used to make all the lines square.
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